Sunday, 16 November 2014

Make Up Wish List...

Make Up Wish List 1

With Christmas on the horizon (sorry, but it’s true.. eee!) I’ve put together a little beauty wishlist below of some of the things that I’ll be adding to my Christmas list…

I think these two are pretty self-explanatory.  I don’t own anything by Urban Decay *shock* but after trying out many drugstore palettes I feel like I need to get my hands on one from the Naked selection.  I’m not sure whether I prefer 1 or 2 so I’ve got both involved!

I saw this palette floating around for a while but was always a bit “meh, I don’t need that”.  However, since reading a few reviews I have been lusting over it.  Glowing skin in a powder?! Erm yes please!

This was influenced by the above.  It’s so pretty I just want to heart face emoji.  It comes with the same hefty price tag as the normal ambient powder palette (I say normal there’s nothing normal about it) so these wouldn’t be cheeky stocking fillers for sure, but would definitely make my day.

Again, another blogger influenced addition to the list.  Claims of a one coat wonder really entice me.  I’ve never tried any high end mascara apart from benefit’s offerings, so I’d really like to welcome this into my make up collection.  Not gonna lie, I’ve also been sucked in by the packaging.
I’ve been umming and arring about these for a while.  Since mastering the cream blush (derp) I’m feeling that this little beauty wouldn’t go to waste.  I’m really liking the colours Flushed and True Love.

Two’s company, three’s even better.  Third Tarte pick, and a set of three lipsticks.  I haven’t read about these anywhere, but I’d imagine the quality would be great and super moisturising.  The colours are also perfect for winter.  A totally justified Christmas gift I think…

I own and adore Coralista and Hoola so when I heard about this set I knew I had to get my hands on it, whether as a cheeky self-purchase or a Christmas present.  I’d love to try out more of the Benefit blushes to see which ones I’d want in a full size so this is the perfect way!

*Update – I caved and bought it with my hard earned Boots points

So many people rave over this foundation!  My friend Lauren was wearing it the other day and her skin looked absolutely flawless and glowing (duh obviously).  I’d love to try it out for myself, but the price tag holds me back from it being a casual purchase and guessing my shade. I’ll have to get matched up the next time I’m anywhere near a NARS counter.

I’ve got a couple of sleek contour kits so I’d love to try NARS’ offering to compare (and cherish).  I loved their blusher bronzer duo in the form of Orgasm and Laguna, so I’ve got a feeling this would be just as great and would be reached for a lot!

Monday, 10 November 2014

A Bobbi Brown Blush...

I am not a ‘pinky’ person at all.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but corals and more natural browny shades are more my blush bag.

A couple of months ago now when apparently I was having a very lavish month, I convinced myself I needed to try some Bobbi Brown make up (my best friend at school swore by the stuff) so off I popped to spend my lunch hour perusing through.  I “treated” myself to one of their make up sets, which I personally think are really good for trying out a few products before you take the full plunge.

Pretty Powerful (£59.50) is made up of an eye shadow quad, liquid eye liner, mini Everything mascara, limited edition lip gloss, mini face blender brush and the blush itself - Maui Illuminating Bronzer.

I was quite surprised when they had called this a bronzer, as I’m sure you can see from the photos – that ain’t no bronze.

You can buy this bronzer (blusher!) on the website here for £28 as it isn’t set specific *yay*.  It comes in 6 colours ranging from more pinky tones to more bronzy tones. I think the price is very reasonable considering the amount and quality of the product you get.  Oh, and the compact also has a good sized mirror inside – two birds, one stone!

The first few times I used it I wasn’t convinced.  I felt it made me look doll like, clashed against the bronzer I was actually wearing and just didn’t suit me at all.  Not gonna lie, I also felt a bit stupid paying £59.50 when my only true loves were the eyeliner, and a couple of colours from the eye shadow quad.  Into the make up storage it went.

It was only when I mixed up my make up bag a couple of weeks ago that I had another swatch and decided to give it ago.  Applying it with my Real Techniques Blusher Brush rather than the mini face blender, this pink is the perfect mixture of cool tones and warm tones for my skin making me look fresh and giving me a “cold walk” glow. The shimmer doesn’t translate onto the skin, so no glitter punched cheeks here!  The product blends out really well and doesn’t produce much fall out.

Think it’s safe to say I’ve found one of my autumn/winter go tos. Big words I know, but it’s love.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown products you think I need to check out?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My Current Reads...

Blogs make the best type of reading, but obviously I'm biased.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I don't usually read unless I'm on holiday so day to day I'm usually flicking through my iPad catching up on my favourite reads and bloglovin feed.  This type of posts is one of my favourites as they're great for finding new blogs, so I thought it would tie in really well with day 6 of the blogger challenge.  Get ready for some big love.

1.   The Little Plum - I just love Chloe's blog!  Being petite like me, I love her style and have major wardrobe envy whenever she put a new post up.  Let's just say she's enabled a few purchases... easily led?!  I also love how she writes her blog - such a sass.  She's started up her YouTube channel which you should check out and to top it off, she is so nice!

2.   Zoe London - I love Zoe's life posts.  They are so refreshing to read, knowing that it's okay not to be okay, do what you want to do and be who you want to be, and actually you don't have to have your life figured out.  Like a comforting arm round you as you read and nod along feeling better that it's not just you having a life flange attack in your 20's.  

3.   Beautybyalicee - Alice is such a lovely girl and her blog is a lovely little beauty read which I'm glad I've stumbled across.  She also has a great YouTube channel which I've been catching up on with GRWM and hauls.  Who doesn't love a haul?!

4.   Dizzy Brunette3 - First off, Corrie's hair is absolutely amazing.  Now we've got that out the way, she has some great (hair) tutorials on her blog (not that I'm obsessed...) and great OOTDs for a monochrome lover like me!  It's great that she's taken the plunge to go self employed as her videos and vlogs are great, no matter how boring she thinks her days are!  

5.   A Yellow Brick Blog - Kirstie's blog covers all beauty bases and more for me.  She has some great reviews and hauls (again, who doesn't love a haul?!) and there's always something in her favourites that I feel that I need to rush out and buy!

6.   Fifi And The Diamonds - Antonia's blog pleases my inner weirdo with it's monochrome theme and crisp pictures.  Her weekend wishlists make me want to splurge (aka buy everything on her list) and she's just an all round lovely lady. She hasn't been blogging for long (like me, since June) but she's already one of my favourite to check for new posts!

7.   EffStar Beauty - Francesca gives me some serious brow envy!  Her whole face, actually, is always on point in the most non weird way possible!  Her blog has introduced me to some new brands that I need to try out, and I like how she doesn't just do singular reviews which can sometimes get boring.  Her Chihuahua is also so adorable and makes me want to go and grab the cat to force her to blog with me, but it's just not the same as Shitbag just is not interested! 

So there are my favourite reads of the moment.  Naturally there are more, but as I was writing the list it was just getting stupid, so maybe I should do these posts once in a while?  What do you think? I'd also love to know your favourite reads recently!

Most Loved Possessions...

Something a little different on the blog today, I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

Day 5 of the blogger challenge was 'Most Loved Possessions'. My initial reaction was to get my iPad out, have a rummage through my make up bag, etc, etc. I'm a pretty materialistic person, which isn't a nice trait at all.  Like many people, I like to have the nicest clothes/make up/technology as it makes me feel good to be surrounded with "nice things" that I've earnt with my hard work. My make up is always done, so is my hair and *touch wood* I've never lost anything of monetary or sentimental value because I'm so funny about not losing things. 

Reflecting on the past couple of weeks events I realised when planning this post that no "possessions" are actually my most loved. The majority don't mean shit all in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying I'm going to run home and bin everything whilst throwing the contents of my bag onto the road. I'm saying sometimes we just need to step back and reevaluate things. My most loved possessions are my family and friends; the memories made, the places I've been, the things I've seen, and the lazy days. 

(source: Pinterest)

Looking through old photos and reminiscing is such a lovely thing to do to remember where you've been and how you've grown. Especially when you're stressed or worried and need to take a moment to remember who you are. Clothes and make up don't do that. Retail therapy is good for a bit though, don't get me wrong and think I'm a 'no buy' convert! 

You could have all the "possessions" in the world, but if you don't have family or friends then in my eyes it's a sad life. There's something so simply perfect and precious about spending quality time with your parents, siblings, or boyfriend no matter what you're doing. Catching up on life or running errands all over the shop. 

What are your views on possessions? I'd love to know! 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Top 5 Boredom Fixes...

When I’m rushed off my feet I can think of 1001 that I want/need to do.  When I’ve got nothing on, I can’t think of anything.  I definitely don’t do well with boredom as it can put me in a really bad mood where I’m irritable and just moan at everything.  For my day 4 of the 12 day challenge I chose to list my top 5 boredom fixes that 100% work for me and are free, which is always a bonus, and don't include watching TV or window shopping!

(source: Pinterest)

1 – Pinterest
If you’re not on Pinterest already then this is a warning -  you could lose days on this website For those of you that are on Pinterest you will completely be with me on this one.  Whether I’m perusing through Home D├ęcor, Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty or Health & Fitness I really don’t care.  I could pin for hours!  You can also download the app to take anywhere with you on your phone too which is ideal for when you’re waiting around.  This is the perfect activity to do when it’s pouring with rain outside as you can just snuggle down!  You can find me on Pinterest here, I’m always looking out for other bloggers to follow.

2 – Reading
Bit hypocritical on this one, as it’s rare that I ever sit down with a book when I’m anywhere else but on holiday, but once I get into a book then I’m completely sucked in.  I love that you can literally read about anything at all, whatever floats your boat, stories or non-fiction.   Of course blogs come under this too, which is the main reason why I never read books!  Again, something that can be done with minimal effort and snugged down.  Perfect!

3 – Exercise
If you’ve got time on your hands then going to the gym/getting outside for a walk or run is a great way to get rid of an hour or two AND fight the fat. Boredom buster and workout in one!  Ok, it’s not as fun as some of the other suggestions but you’ll feel so much better afterwards (and justification for any sneaky treats...).

4 – Clear Out
I always get such an urge to clear out my entire room when it’s the middle of the day at work, or when I’ve got a jam packed weekend,  then when I’ve got plenty of time it really doesn’t appeal to me.  I forced myself to do this the other evening when I had two hours to spare and felt a whole lot better getting rid of crap and stuff that I won’t use or wear again.  Not gonna lie, did feel a little sick at the waste of money it all was, but most clothes will be going up on eBay.  Every cloud…

5 – Blog!
Of course this is my boredom fixer of choice.  Writing a blog post and chatting with everyone on twitter makes you feel like you’re completely not alone and just with a different group of friends.  I love sitting down and typing away about some of my favourite things or things that I haven’t liked.  Even if you only get 2/3 posts written up, you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have time and need a back-up post to publish!

What are your favourite things to do are when you’re bored?  I’m always really nosey when it comes to finding out how other people fill their free time!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Seasonal - OOTD and FOTD...

Day three, surprisingly on time. For my seasonal inspired post I thought I’d show you my OOTD and FOTD for yesterday’s shopping trip. I absolutely love dressing for autumn/winter. All the knitwear, layers and boots just make me super excited (… for Christmas…).


I’m trying to move towards a more monochrome/neutrals wardrobe with only a few colour pieces, just because I hardly ever wear big colours as neutrals are just so much easier to pair with everything.

Tartan/checked shirts are one thing that I think should be in everyone’s wardrobe.  They’re so simple to style whether it’s over the top of jeans or leggings, with boots or with converse, and can easily be used as an outer layer in summer – justified purchase and totally versatile!

I paired this one from H&M (similar here) with some black leggings from River Island and my new fluffy gilet from H&M.  It was one of those buys where you’re unsure at first and feel the guilt, but now I’ve styled it in a few different ways it will definitely be a go to for an easy fashion pick-me-up to any boring outfit.

I (bravely) wore my new Topshop boots for their first outing.  Surprisingly no rubs, just comfort.  I also have these in the light brown/tan colour from last year but I just loved them so much one pair in one colour just wasn’t enough.  They’re on the pricier side for an ankle boot but they’re leather and really hard-wearing.  I love the ankle wrap strap to do them up – so much better than lace up.


I love autumnal make up, as does every beauty blogger and their dog, so this is what I put on my face for yesterday.  The look I went for is a golden smokey eye with a simple lip and ‘fresh’ skin.

I used my bareMinerals Original SP15 foundation and All Over Face Colour bronzer (in warmth) as this is a combination that I just LOVE and just gives me such a glowing and flawless base.

I wanted to go quite natural on my cheeks so I used L’Oreal Le Blush in shade Nude Brown which gives me a really natural colour without looking like I’ve got anything on.

Rimmel’s Scandaleyes eye liner is always my go to as this does not budge all day and gives me a really black line which is perfect to smoke out.  I lined my eyelid with the Collection Extreme liquid eyeliner as this is my absolute favourite and has used for years.

I dug out my Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in 06 which is now going to hang around in the make up bag!  All 4 colours work lovely together or on their own and create a lovely shimmery eye.

Mascara of the moment for daytime is my new Bourjois Volume Glamour which will be features in my up and coming Boots Haul. It’s a new purchase but I love it!

Lip colour of choice is my Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Brown Sugar.  A lovely glossy brown lip which works well as just a deeper nude look.  Perfect for winter when you want to keep your lips moisturised yet coloured!

What are your favourite autumn fashion and beauty bits?

Day In The Life - Bristol Haul...

Day two of my blogger challenge and I’m already going off the rails and mixing up the posts.  Plus the post is a day late.  Plus plus it’s more like a haul. This bodes well.

Yesterday my beautiful mum and I took the day off and went up to Cabot Circus in Bristol to spend the day together shopping and lunching.  Laa dee daa.  When you live in the depths of Devon this is literally like a ‘get out of jail free card’ – all purchases become justified and NEEDED, because lawd knows when you’ll next be in civilisation.

In true Rebecca style, I didn’t even take one photo of the day.  What a dick.  Shame on me.  After some early perusing for Christmas presents which quickly got bumped down the priority list (hehe) we refuelled ourselves with Yo! Sush! (a now firm favourite thanks to Lauren at High Street Hopes).  I’ve also managed to convert mum who was a sceptic.  Great success!
It was during the afternoon where I proceeded to do the damage below.

This isn’t actually that impressive compared to some shopping trips as I was pretty restrained.  The devil on my shoulder kept reminding me about Christmas presents and savings so I was quite ruthless with what I bought.  And the fact that we are off to Exeter next week too for round two.  Somebody freeze my debit card.

Yankee candle isn’t a store that I’ve ever been in to before.  No, I haven’t been living under a rock, I am fully aware of what Yankee candles are but I haven’t ever got sniffing in real life.  I picked up some of the tarts for my oil/wax burner, one’s already on the go (Mandarin and Cranberry) and smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I also picked up a Christmas Eve tart (just because I wanted to get festive and felt like I was a waste if I didn’t grab something Christmassy) so I can’t wait to get that one on the go soon.  I’ve just HAD to pick up this Cranberry Pear candle.  It smells like actual sweets and is amazing.  Finally car air freshener in Clean Cotton because, you know, essentials.

I had bought the over the knee boots from H&M after seeing them on Pink Pixie Doll’s instagram which are an absolute bargain, but after trying them on and off and on and off they are just a bit too long for my stumpy legs.  I spied these ones in River Island and it was love.  A bit shorter on my legs and more fitted.  It’s love. I can’t wait to get wearing.   I also grabbed a pair of leggings because a)they’re a staple and b)I found them in short.

Oh H&M.  My original basket was tipping £150, which was ridonkulous.  After a changing room catwalk and some brutally honest feedback from my mum I settled with these buys.  I absolutely loved this jumper, and chose it over three others to buy.  I love the mixture of the white and black, rather than just basic grey.  This will fit well into my winter monochrome wardrobe.  I also nabbed this light flannel shirt, again sticking with the monochrome(ish) theme.  I like that this was nice and relaxed, easy to throw on with jeans. 

Of course, we had to pop in to Zara for the final shop of the day. I picked up one of their perfumes, as they’re such good value and all smell incredible.  This one, Zara Femme, was only £9.99 for 100ml!  I’d definitely recommend having a look next time you’re in there.  I also grabbed one of their little rollerball perfumes (Zara Gold) which are perfect to pop in your handbag.  I’m not as crazy on the scent, but it will be fine for a handbag perk up.

It was so lovely to spend time with my mum, as even though we live in the same house it can be difficult to spend quality time together when everyone’s running out and about all of the time.  I now cannot wait for Exeter next week to do the same again and spoil her as it’s also her birthday!

Have you bought anything new recently that you think I need to pick up?