Tuesday, 24 November 2015

NO SPEND NOVEMBER // Saving Whilst Spending...

For No Spend November I wanted to share with you all my favourite websites for when I’m reining in the spending but still want to buy a few bits… that completely goes against each other, but hear me out!

Brand Outlet /The Outnet/Secret Sales/Brand Alley
Okay, definitely not high street by any stretch, but when I’m reining in my excessive spending habit I can justify treating myself to something higher end. These two websites have some amazing deals – I have already written about The Outnet and their amazing service on my post about my Michael Kors bag.  If you’re not spending, they’re great to have a browse through!  I would also recommend taking a look on these two if you are saving up for a significant purchase, such as bags or shoes.

Fragrance Direct / Save On Make Up
You can get yourself some serious bargains on these two beauty websites.  Whether you want to try a few new products or re-stock some old favourites, these websites stock drugstore and high end at reduced prices.  If you know your colour for different foundations/concealers too then you may be able to repurchase a golden oldie for a snip! 

ASOS Outlet
If you’re looking for some bargains I would recommend having a look through ASOS’ Outlet section.  They have a whole range of clothing and brands reduced up to 70%… there are some serious bargains to be had!  

Ahh eBay, a bargain hunters paradise!  Whether you’re bidding for items, or buying from an eBay shop, you can get some really good high street/current fashion dupes that won’t break the bank.  Of course, eBay doesn’t stop at clothes, I love the selection of makeup brushes you can buy and have quite the eBay brush collection now!  I think eBay is pretty self-explanatory, so I will let you find your own bargains!  If you need some inspo, Victoria over at VIP posts eBay wishlists on her blog, finding some absolute gems.

If you’re trying to rein your spending in, I hope my shopping website recommendations have helped you save a few pennies here and there!

Do you have any websites that you would recommend to save some money when shopping?


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

NO SPEND NOVEMBER // The Forgotten Favourites...

Going through your make up stash is a great way to find old favourites and remind yourself of all the goodies that you’ve been hiding away in makeup bags/drawers/cupboards (ESPECIALLY when you’re reining in the spending!).  In my bid to stay strong and avoid Boots/Superdrug I dug out some old forgotten favourites... why I stopped using these, I do not know!

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder

I got this after seeing Becca Rose’s rave review and really loved it (so much so that I packed it back into the draw...).  It mattifies the face without being chalky, and leaves me with perfect skin.  I love the compact that it comes in and the mirror is super handy for on-the-go top ups. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Mink

A favourite lipstick that got lost in the depths of my handbag.  This is a lovely brown-nude that now we’re in Autumn I have been resurrected!

Maybelline Color Tattoo – Permanent Taupe

I picked up two of these last month in Boots and it got me thinking about this one that I already had in my collection.  I used to use this all the time as either an easy all over lid colour, or as a subtle, smudgy eyeliner on the top lid.

MAC Cremesheen - Night To Remember

I picked this up in a MAC set from Bicester village (see my haul here) and forgot about it all summer.  This is the perfect warm toned red, which I will be using more of as we head into the party season.  It’s a cremesheen formula so applies really smoothly (and will be perfect for hiding any dry lips this weather might hit me with!).

MUA Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette

As you can see, this has been VERY well loved, but was put to the back of the drawer in favour of trying other palettes.  The eyeshadows are buttery, pigmented and a good mix of warm and cool tones in my favourite eyeshadow colours.  This is my second one of these so I will be keeping this is my everyday makeup stash from now on.

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

I usually go for powder highlight, as myself and cream products have a bit of a love hate relationship, but I am determined to make this work and start using it in my weekend make up!  This nude toned highlighter blends out really well and leaves a lovely glow, nothing too disco ball but can be built up for intensity. 

Have you tried out any of my forgotten favourites?


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

NO SPEND NOVEMBER // Designer Wish List...

Hand in hand with a spending ban comes a big fat wish list!  This is a snippet my high-end/designer wish list which is so far out of reach *cry*.

YSL Classic Monogram Bag
Every time I see someone with this bag ‘casually’ over their shoulder ready for drinks/dinner I die a little inside.  I just love the classic design and the gold hard wear… a definite investment bag!  I’ve set my sights on saving for this, so let’s see if I can part with the cash when the day comes to it (in like 182726 years)

Chloe Drew Bag
Another day, another bag.  I know places like Topshop and Primark are doing dupes for this, but for me there’s nothing like the real thing.  By the time I’ve saved for this I’ll end up wanting another bag all together but for the time being I’ll keep lusting.  I love the structured style.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette 
This featured on last year’s Christmas wish list and has been a permanent fixture ever since.  So this palette is a ridiculous price for what it is but it is just beautifully amazing, and I know the products individually are also highly rated.

Charlotte Tilbury
Heart face emoji!  Anything and everything from this amazing woman!   Bronze and Glow is a truly amazing product so I’m hoping that the other ‘blogger hyped’ pieces I’ve got my eye on are just as amazing. I’ve got a couple of bits on my Christmas list so keeping my fingers crossed.

Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Divine Flat
Another love that’s on the Christmas list.  I love the simplicity of the flat but with the classic orb on the toe. Black or nude, I just can’t decide so I’m thinking I’ll end up buying whichever colour I don’t get!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Jewellery
I love the quirky jewellery designs from Marc by Marc Jacobs.  I’ve been eyeing up the different rings and bracelets they’ve been bringing out and waiting for the perfect one.

Zoe Karssen Tshirts and Sweatshirts
I really like Zoe Karssen’s motif tees, however for a jersey t-shirt and sweatshirt they are a little more ‘treat yourself’ than ‘Saturday shopping trip’. I’ve been adding some of these to my Christmas list so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So, I’ve tried to pick my favourite high end bits out but it’s so hard.  I’ve had to restrain myself from listing the other 50 bags, 70 pairs of shoes, and mountain of clothes to this! Roll on winning the lottery!

What’s on your designer wish list?


Friday, 6 November 2015

NO SPEND NOVEMBER // Top Saving Tips

This month, I wanted to do No Spend November. In the run up Christmas and with three significant birthdays thrown in before, I need to save as much money as possible! I wanted to share with you all my top saving tips.  I’m quite proud of how I’ve built up my savings over the past few years and it’s all be down to these tips!

Move the minimum you want to save over at the beginning of the month
Be realistic. Don’t over-stretch yourself or you’ll just end up moving it back.  Saving a little every month adds up quickly, rather than trying to save massive chunks and delving back in to them.

Move any remaining money in to your savings at the end of the month
Whether you’ve got £12.50, £60 or £100 left over the night before payday, every little helps when you’re saving. Mine varies every month but definitely makes a big difference

Make your own lunch
This is one that people mention every time this sort of thing comes up, but spending a bit of money on a Sunday to make your lunches throughout the week will save you money in the end.  If you’re spending £5 every day on lunch, that’s about two pairs of shoes a month!

Eat in more often
I am so surprised how much I can end up spending a month on eating out (makes me feel like a pig).  When you work out how much you would have saved by cooking and staying in it makes me feel a bit sick!  When I want to save a bit of money I try and make this a treat rather than a weekly occurrence.

Advantage Cards
I try to get any free points card that I can get my hands on.  If you’re getting something back for the money you’re spending, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t.  Costa, Boots, whatever shop it’s for, you’ll be thankful for those £10 worth of points when you want to treat yourself to a ‘free’ coffee or that lipstick!  You could even move any money you would have spent into your savings.

Change Pot
My mum used to make me and my brother have these when I was younger and it’s something that’s stuck with me. I collect up my 50ps and it’s surprising how quickly they add up.  So, I don’t look the coolest when I’m bringing change bags out of my handbag in the bank but I’m definitely more thankful for the £20-30 that’s just gone into my savings!  (Also have a jar for 5ps, 1ps & 2ps but this definitely is counted when I’m scraping the barrel!)

Wish List
When I’m reining my spending in I like to make a wishlist (which has now become more encyclopedia size) so I can priorities what I might want to treat myself to.  I also find that quite a lot of ‘knee jerk’ bits get crossed off after a while which is kind of money saving I guess?

Internet Shopping
Before making any significant purchases in-store, have a look online to see if you can find it cheaper from another shop, or if there are any discount codes flying around to save you some money.

Return the clothes
Simples… if you’re not keeping the item of clothing/shoes, take it back and get your money back!  

If you’re having a clear out, get some of the decent items on eBay and make yourself some money to put in your savings.

Remind yourself what you’re saving for
Sometimes you can get so ‘meh’ about saving if it’s for a future goal, but it’s good to remind yourself when you’re in a bit of a slump what you’re saving for.  Have a look at home d├ęcor on Pinterest if it’s for a house, or google the holiday destination.

I hope these tips have been helpful if you’re trying to save. If you have any tips then I’d love to hear them!