Thursday, 27 August 2015

SHOPPING // The Michael Kors Handbag...

I finally did it.  I finally took the plunge and bought myself my first designer handbag.

I’ve been eyeing up various designer bags FORVER.  Then one 4 hour car journey, when I was wasting time perusing The Outnet, I came across this Michael Kors BEAUTY.

If you haven’t been on The Outnet before, you are missing out. The Outnet , the sister site of Net-A-Porter is an online designer fashion outlet, basically, and where I spend a lot of my time lusting over designer bargains (that I still cannot afford) so don’t worry – I’m not completely delusional thinking I could be swanning around with a £800 bag on my arm and £300 shoes on my feet (not yet, anyway!). 

The more looking I did, the more justified a bag became.  “If it’s my only spend of the weekend then that’s fine…”…  And then somehow this one ended up being delivered to my house one Wednesday afternoon!  Can you believe it?! (Mum was not convinced by my “what a coincidence” shock).

This is the Michael Kors large textured leather tote bag (tres helpful that the outnet didn’t have a better name!).  I didn’t want to get the Jet Set tote, despite there being a lovely grey one on the Outnet, as everyone has that style and I wanted something a little less structured and a little different to everyone else.

This bag is a textured, pebbled leather which is nice and very soft.  At least this should hide any scuffs and scrapes I manage to do! There is also 4 small purse feet (what I’m lead to believe they’re called) on the bottom, which are a welcome addition - nice to know I’m not just putting my brand new love down on the bare floor!

The hardware is all gold which is perfect for me as if I ever wear dress jewellery, that is the colour I go for.  I love that there are two handles to the bag – longer shoulder straps and smaller chain straps so that you can carry your bag two ways, and don’t have to try and cram your arms into small straps to carry it over the shoulder (we’ve all been there I’m sure!!).

The bag attaches by a magnet popper, which I was initially a little apprehensive about, but it is actually really strong! Obviously this doesn’t stop wandering hands, so the middle zipped compartment is great for being able to have valuables safely away from the rest of your bag.  There are 4 compartments in total – a small zip pocket, two large compartments with a middle zipped compartment.  Plenty of room to keep all your essentials (or 15 lipsticks and an umbrella in my case!)

If you couldn't already tell, I am in love with my new bag and have been (gently, carefully and nervously) parading around with it since it left its dustbag a couple of weekends ago.  This has definitely got me started on the quest for a designer handbag wardrobe and I cannot wait to add more to my collection!  This bag is no longer available, however there are plenty more on there!

If you are debating getting something from The Outnet, I would really recommend them.  My bag was sent out for delivery that evening and their delivery service was super quick and safe – they require a signature to leave the item.  Granted this could be a little annoying if no-one is at home, but you can re-arrange the delivery and at least you are safe in the knowledge your new designer shoes/jewelry/dress won’t be hidden ‘behind the back gate’ or even ‘In the green wheelie bin’ (yes, it’s happened to me).

Do you have any designer handbags?  Have you shopped on The Outnet before?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

LIFE // 10 Things To Do On The Weekend...

If you’re used to filling your weekends with plans with friends, partners and family, spending time by yourself may be a little daunting.   It’s great to have plans, but as I’ve got older, I really look forward to having some time to myself.  If you’re stuck for ideas of what to fill your time with, I’ve shared my 10 favourites below...

1. Blog – This one is an obvious one.  I’ve been so busy recently and my blog has been slipping down my priorities.  Any ‘me time’ I can get will be put in to planning my content, taking photos and getting myself back on track.

2. Make up clear out/ Make up bag switch up – I enjoy this more than I should. Nothing better than getting all your make up out and having a good sort through, getting rid of anything you won’t use or that is really past it.  I like to change up what’s in my daily make up bag once every two weeks at least, so I really look forward to going through my collection and switching everything up, re-discovering old favourites.

3. Face mask/ Nails – I never remember to do a face mask/sort my nails out until 30minutes before I’m actually going out, so it’s a welcomed moment when I can paint my nails without smudging and actually use some of my face mask collection.

4. Tidying – Okay, I know this won’t be to everyone’s enjoyment, but I really like using a few hours to myself to sort out my room.  Going through my drawers and wardrobe to get rid of things and generally give my room a good clean.  I always feel such a sense of achievement afterwards and weirdly enjoy it.

5. Gym – Again, not everyone’s choice, but I love getting up at a sensible time on Saturday and Sunday to get in the gym.  It’s usually quite empty too which means I can get a weekend workout in to set me up for the day.  I always feel so energised after and not waiting around is a bonus!

6. Pinterest – I could waste HOURS of my life on Pinterest, drooling over home interiors, travel destinations, make up looks, and clothes.  A good cup of tea and pinterest sesh are perfect together!

7. Catching up on your favourite shows – I am obsessed with reality TV, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, TOWIE, and can always spare an hour or two for re-runs of Friends.  Take the chance to get up to date on your favourite shows or with your favourite YouTubers!  

8. Cooking – On Pinterest I’ve been pinning healthy recipes for meals and snacks, so the weekend is the perfect excuse to buy in some ingredients and get cooking.  Granted they may not all taste good or look as good as the pictures but the majority turn out really well and are ready to be packed up for the working week ahead.  

9. Get social – Get social by tweeting and commenting on others pictures/posts. Engage in some conversations and you really will not feel alone, and the other person will also really appreciate it too!

10. Nap – What are weekends for if not for catching up on sleep?  A mid-afternoon nap is just perfect!

What are your favourite things to do by yourself on the weekend?


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

USING // Top 5 Drugstore Mascaras

A good mascara is tricky to find.  I’ve tried so many over the years (both drugstore and high end) with formulas that are too wet, too thick, too thin so I wanted to share my drugstore mascara gems with you lovely lot.

Revlon Lash Potion

I first picked this up a few years ago now, when it was £9.99 each or two for £10.  You do the maths!  It’s been love ever since.  It’s got a nice thick bristle brush, which gives me great lashes in a few coats.  Not too thick and wet that you end up with about three eyelashes (we’ve all been there), it’s a really good all-rounder for separation, length and a little volume.  If you are a fan of the bristle brushes I’d highly recommend this one.

Bourjois 1 Second Volume 

A beauty blogger favourite.  I was late to the party with this one, but I’m glad I’ve finally arrived!  Initially, I thought this was far too wet but give it a few weeks and it’s now a really good consistency.  As the name suggests, this plastic spiky wand gives lots of volume to the lashes!

Maybelline Lash Sensational 

This took the beauty blogs by storm when it was first released, competing with Benefit Roller Lash for the ‘top spot’ in people’s make-up hearts. I really love the effect this mascara gives.  The plastic wand is curved, with longer plastic bristles/teeth on the outside to coat your lashes from root to tip leaving you with a fluttery effect, and shorter plastic bristles/teeth on the inside to tackle the lower lashes. I love this for when I can’t be bothered to attempt false eyelashes for a night out!

Max Factor False Lash Effect 

Considering the name, I was expecting something that would transform my eyes instantly.  Of course that was not the case, but I don’t know if I would describe this as a false lash effect.  It gives great separation and length nonetheless and is a favourite for when I don’t want to wear much eyeliner but still want my eyes to stand out.  My love has grown for this over time!  I also have the waterproof version of this and it DOES NOT BUDGE!!

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture 

I usually switch between this and Max Factor on workdays when I keep eyeliner to a minimum.  It gives a little volume with length, which I love – No spider legs in sight!

I’ve recently picked up Seventeen Falsify HD mascara, which is proving to be a real contender for a top 5 place.  I haven’t trialed it enough but watch this space for a review!

I think the drugstore has some amazing mascaras, I don’t know if I would ever stray to high end.

What are your favourite drugstore mascaras?  Have you tried any of my top 5?


Thursday, 9 July 2015

USING // Dr Bronner's Magic Soap...

Long time no speak!

After many many weeks off due to life et al. getting in the way, I am getting back to my blog ,which I have really missed!

I wanted to talk chores with you lovelies today.  More specifically beauty chores.  More specifically, make up brush washing.  I can already hear the groans echoing around the beauty blogging community.  I hear ya!

But hold the line - I have found a new love when it comes to this tiresome task.  4 words - Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap.

I had heard about Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap here and there on blogs but had never got round to giving it a go (with clothes/makeup purchases taking priority, naturally).  When I came across this in TK Maxx for a bargain price I just had to pick it up (rude not to).

Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Magic Soap appears to be an all round miracle worker (within reason) when you read all the things it can be used for. I do not use it for 18 reasons, just the one – make up brush cleaning! 

Just a little drop on a wet make up brush lathers up really well and gets rid of all traces of make up. I do go on for a second round with my foundation and concealer brushes, but that’s just my personal preference.

My brushes feel really clean but still super soft, which is great as I was a little concerned if it would dry them out.

They do a range of scents for the Magic Soap. I have tea tree as this was the only one in TK Maxx, but other scents are Citrus, Rose, Peppermint, and Lavender

The other great thing about Dr Bronner’s is that they use organic, ethically sourced, fair trade ingredients.  It’s nice to know that you’re not just washing your brush with more chemicals!

I used to use baby shampoo, but I found as I am a little heavy handed that I was getting through it like water, so I am more than happy to have found something that will last a long time!

Have you tried Dr Bronner’s before?  Do you have any brush cleaning recommendations?